American hemp farmers will harvest thousands of acres in 2019.

How will they dry their crops?

Our solution

This planting season, hemp farmers will cultivate thousands of acres but the new industry lacks sufficient capacity to quickly dry massive seasonal harvests. The traditional hang-drying method requires enormous buildings, and the cost of labor is too expensive.

We have the solution: Our mesh-belt hemp dryers will continuously dry massive amounts of hemp each hour.

Specialty Handling is the authorized USA Sales Agent for Gongyi Guoxin Machinery Factory in China — a global leader and manufacturer of the world’s best mesh-belt hemp dryer.

We offer five custom-sized dryers for any scale operation, and with your choice of fuel source options. The flagship GX-12 model is rated for up to 500kg (~ 1,000 pounds) of wet material input per hour and discharging about 100kg (~ 220 pounds) per hour of dried material.

For the large acreage projects, we can design custom multiple-dryer facilities with smart layout and workflows. Our mobile dryers can be operated close to the fields, and reduce your crop transportation expenses.

Let us provide the right tools to dry your hemp like a professional.

I personally believe that reasonably-priced, mid-sized hemp dryers are going to be very important for the 2019 harvest and drying season.
— Zev Paiss, Founder of Hemp Market Place

performance & value

  • Simple, labor-saving, low-temperature drying process ensures highest value dried output.

  • Electronic controls allow operators to dial-in optimum air volume, belt speed, and temperature.

  • Continuous mesh belt movement ensures even and consistent dehydration of plant material.

  • Food-grade stainless steel mesh belt protects high-value crops from rough handling and contamination.

  • Convenient door handles allow panel access to view the status of the drying operation.

  • High-quality hardened steel construction of all components ensures a long service life.

  • Optional on-site installation by an English-speaking factory engineer.

  • One-year manufacturer’s quality guarantee on equipment and components.